Camp Palisades is a beautiful area and a safe escape to the mountains.  Our camp works hard every year at maintaining and cleaning our facilities so that they will be suitable for our camping programs.  Our camper accommodations are described below.


A-Frame Cabin

Our campground has eleven, A-frame cabins.  Dimensions are about 15 ft. square.  Each cabin can hold six adults and their luggage comfortably, and as many as eight would not be unreasonable.  Cabins do not have bunks.  Floors are bare plywood, so we encourage campers to bring foam or air pads to put under their sleeping bags.  Cabins, though warm during the day, can be chilly at night (about 50 degrees F).  Also, only 3 of the cabins have electricity (those nearest the lodge).  For our children’s camps, these are reserved for cooks, directors, speakers, etc.  If you need a cabin with electricity for Family Camp, please let us know when you reserve one. Please do not bring food into the cabins–leave all food in a vehicle or the lodge.


Shiloh Lodge

Shiloh LodgeThe Lodge  includes a full size kitchen and dining hall, with a large serving window between them, as well as a fireplace.  The kitchen has stoves, ovens, griddles, an outdoor grill, two double sinks, dishes, cups, silverware, cookware, and refrigerators and freezers.  Any groups that use our facilities are more than welcome to use the kitchen responsibly.  Please leave everything in at least as good of shape as you found it.  Also, campers are welcome to store their food here for the duration of their group’s stay, as space permits.  Please, however, respect other people’s food, space, and privacy.


Dining Hall

The dining area can seat, about 40-50 people and is furnished with new, foldable tables.  More wooden picnic tables are located outside near the campfire. There is also, a bathroom stall, shower, and sinks were recently added on the back of the kitchen portion of Shiloh Lodge.  At youth camps, this space is reserved for leaders only.



The Campfire  

CampfireThe campfire is at the very heart of camp.  Naturally, it consists of a large fire-pit with benches and picnic tables, as well as room for your own chairs. Campers enjoy early mornings and late nights here around the warmth of the fire.  A pile of firewood is available for camp ground users, but we ask that you never leave a fire unattended!  Please extinguish all fires!




BathhouseThe bathhouse is the bathroom and shower facilities for campers and most staff.  Both men’s and women’s sides have three showers each, including one handicapped accessible shower each.  They also include toilets and sinks with running water, and a changing table.




Other Features

In addition to all of these accomodations, Camp Palisades has basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard courts, along with a ping-pong table, foosball, and box hockey. Not to mention the acres and acres of beautiful forested mountains on every side of you!

We endeavor to keep our camp ground in good, clean, running order and we ask that any groups who use the Camp Palisades grounds would do likewise.  Please help us keep these facilities in good shape, so that many more generations can use and enjoy Camp Palisades.