Hiking to Lower Palisades Lake

There is a wide variety of activities to keep campers busy at Camp Palisades. A camp favorite is hiking through Targhee National Forest to Lower and Upper Palisades Lakes. The Lower Lake trail is a leisurely trail that runs 4 miles into the mountains, along a creek. Campers often join the “Polar Bear Club” by dunking themselves from head to toe into the chilly water. Campers aren’t the only ones that enjoy the water, though. Every once in a while you can see a moose in the distance. The hike to Upper Palisades Lake continues another 2.7 miles beyond Lower Lake. Campers also enjoy swimming here, though the waters are a bit more chilly.




Upper Palisades Lake


Each year at camp will feature some old and some new activities when it comes to exploring the beautiful creation surrounding the camp.




Camp Palisades Raft Trip 2017.jpg


Both camps spend time on the scenic Snake River. Senior campers enjoy whitewater rafting just across the border in Wyoming, and Junior Campers take in a scenic raft trip surrounded by the Teton Range.



Swimming at Palisades Reservoir


For the slightly less adventurous, there is also plenty of swimming to be done at Palisades Reservoir, which is just a two or three mile drive from our camp grounds.   Many places have nice sandy beaches right up to the forest.   The water is much warmer here than in the Upper and Lower Palisades Lakes, so campers


Campers at the ever-popular ping-pong table


Also, the Camp Palisades grounds offer plenty of activitiy themselves. Campers are kept busy with all kinds of activities. Campers can participate in a variety of sports including volleyball (and frolleyball), ping pong, frisbee golf, box hockey, basketball, and shuffleboard. Organized games and other activities vary from year to year.




And of course, camp just wouldn’t be camp without a campfire. Campfire is where we meet together to sing and talk about following Jesus.